wright residence
Location          : lake worth, FL 
Area                      : 2,300 S.F.   
Phase                  : completed
A 1929 wood-framed cottage was rescued from decay and rebuilt as a guest house. The exterior retains original siding and conforms with the strictures of the local Historic District designation. In addition to restoring and slightly modifying the existing cottage, the main structure was designed to accommodate the lifestyle for the clients. The concept was to provide a minimal, but open, one bedroom, one thousand square foot home. The interior ceiling heights vary from high in the living area and bedroom to lower in the kitchen, allowing for task lighting and storage. A seven hundred square foot wrap-around porch allows for ample outdoor living spaces while protecting the southern façade from direct sunlight. The various glass windows and doors allow for an interesting play of light throughout the interior spaces. Both the historical and new structures are unified with a continuous brick walkway that integrates with the landscaping.
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