urban flex
Location          : miami , FL 
Area                      : public art plaza 
Phase                  : design development
Urban Flex is a public art installation that serves the greater Miami metro area. Close to the Miami Design District, the plaza reflects the culture of the surrounding area by offering a flexible space that can allow industries such as film, fashion, and art to be showcased. Art Basel is an international art fair with three shows staged annually in Basel, Switzerland; Miami, Florida; and Hong Kong. Each show is organized into sectors which showcase contemporary artworks by established and newly emerging artists. This venue will be a prime stage for the annual event. The concept is to create a blanket over a continuously changing program which consists of a kit of parts that can be easily assembled to suit a runway, an amphitheater, and a gallery with ample wall space that can also extend into the lawn and inside the pavilion. The pavilion is freestanding allowing for full flexibility of the curators imagination. This is the optimal solution to the 2 year temporary use permit that Miami allows for future development on a lot. This Site will set the character for a future mixed-used development on that lot.
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