silver saw flats
Location          : lake worth beach, FL 
Area                      : 10,640 S.F.   
Phase                  : site plan approval
The Silver Saw Flats is derived from a combination of simplicity in form and an attachment to its urban surroundings producing a high quality affordable housing project. The project is a 12 unit complex that aims to resolve issues pertaining to the housing shortage for work force housing with two bedroom apartments. The building is situated on a major thorough fare road in Lake Worth Beach. The project takes advantage of the State of Florida Live Local Act by including 40% or five of its units to affordable housing . The facades take a gentle undulating form to resolve several issues facing the project. The ideas were born from researching survey’s from the area’s residents who all had a strong reaction to the suns effects from the west which directly heats the western facades on this street adversely.  The building forms face are skewed to face north in order to soften the harsh heat and direct sunlight. In addition, the front wall is designed with insulated concrete forms (ICF) for added insulation needed for long term energy savings and sustainability. The Silver Saw Flats is also a sustainable model for affordable housing as its design cost factor, native landscape, concrete materials, drainage and locally sourced materials make it truly sustainable. The design uses the simplest construction means available with simple protruding slabs at each unit to create balconies and space for an individual private apartment green area. This design arrangement helps control building costs by using the building structure and typical walls to create the architecture. To achieve the best result for constructability of the front facades, the front façade structure is made using insulated concrete forms made of recycled plastic. The ICF walls are also hyper insulated having a heat resistance that is ten times the required amount under the Florida building code.
The added perimeter green area reflects the surrounding environment throughout the project and into the communal pool area. In addition, the building is planned with storm water retention which will be distributed for the amenities landscape components through out the complex. There is also a solar energy component with net metering for the amenities areas which include the parking, gardens, pool and outdoor areas.
The landscape has been designed around the entire project to bring interior and perimeter gardens which are both private and communal . The center piece of the exterior community design is a swimming pool with simple long shape that uses most of the rear part of the property and represents an open community meeting area for its users. The outdoor lounging areas straddle the courtyard between the pool and the garden for ease of use and efficiency. The building entry has been designed in the most efficient way for pedestrian and vehicular entry, unit distribution and a low construction cost.
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