Location          : coconut grove, miami  (adaptable to any body of water)
Area                      : 512 S.F.   
Phase                  : design development
Water bodies have been an integral part of buildings, cities and human activity from the beginning of time. Water bodies and their characteristics have provided a rich canvas for the built environment. The Floating Room is a symbol of architectural intervention into the context of water. This floating room or our “Cu-barca” is a symbol of an orthogonal and rational construct juxtaposed against the constantly fluid medium which is a body of water.
The Floating room is based on a modular design which can be transported, assembled and disassembled to be reassembled per the users needs. Made of aluminum flotation pontoons and 316 stainless steel structure, the floating room is made to withstand the long term rigors of the ocean water onto its components. The architectural volume has a size of 25 sq m and its height is exactly 5 m. It sits on a base platform of 30 sq m with a sleeping room accommodating 2 people with a restroom/wellness area. Additionally the room has an outside dock to read and sun bathe with a roped off private soaking pool area derived from the body of water that it sits in. Due to its modular design, the outer extensions may be removed in order to fit into tighter docking area's like those in urban environments. Its facade elevations are crafted with a two layer system. The inner layer is made of glass while the outer layer is made of a 316 type stainless steel mesh which provides shade and protection to the interior. The roof structure also has a multipurpose deck which also has a foldable array of solar panels. The area for the solar panels are enough to run a 5KW photo voltaic system which in turn charges an internal battery. As back up power, there would also be a 3000W propane gas generator in case the battery needed additional charging or to be used in the event that the battery was out of power.
The floating cube is also equipped with LED lights in its interior and exterior for maximum efficiency, longevity and best lighting effect. One such effect is a set of lights that sits in between the interior glass and the stainless steel exterior mesh fabric which would give the floating room the appearance of a floating "light cube". Heat for water and cooking would be provided by propane gas. Fresh water for sinks and showers would be provided by a tank and the drains for fresh water systems would operate with systems akin to boats of a relevant size. The floating room is made to be aesthetically pleasing from the interior as it is from the exterior. The interior design provides a visual framework into the landscape as the exterior appears as an object in the same landscape. At night the view of the cube object is strengthened with subtle light fused into its exterior providing a "living cube" sensation for viewers from beyond. An array of the floating cube rooms would further multiple the effect of a pure object in a wild and fluid landscape, where ever it may be.
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