Location          : BOCA RATON,   FL 
Area                      : 10,303  S.F.   
Phase                  : in progress
The Gianelli house is a house that is built as a tidal  resilient eco project. This house is made with concrete Insulated concrete forms (ICF) with solar power with battery banks, solar water heaters,, native Florida landscape and a him static air conditioning system. The house goes beyond energy savings as it incorporates an Eco dock for viewing and preserving the existing wildlife which includes the endangered manatees that live there. It strives to work towards net zero in energy while balancing and preserving the delicate environment that surrounds it.
Site plan with solar panels and solar water heaters on the roof.

Ground Floor

Level 2

Sustainability -  Sea Grass and wildlife Preservation

This site is and has always been a refuge for manatees feeding off the seagrass beds. The seagrass beds are vital nutrition for several other species such as sea turtles, Fish, Great Egret and  Hermit Crabs.

The project took great care to design a seawall and docks that would accommodate the existing  ecosystem and plan life to let it thrive after the house is built.

All plants that have been selected are native requiring no watering.
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