The Fairmeade properties renovation is a prime example of a storied commercial plaza which underwent many years without being restored. The plaza has been a host to many businesses over the last 50 years which have come and gone contributing to the need for a fresh design to fit into an area that has been renovated to fit its new urban retail demands. The plaza was stripped of its facades and a model look which follows a mid century Art Deco style. This style was a dominant style in Fort Lauderdale in 1960 when the property was built. The property was originally designed with a second floor deck to be used as a terrace. This terrace has become a focal point of our design. The terrace is used to engage the public on a second floor level restaurant with the urban fabric of a principle Fort Lauderdale street. The properties renovation is a testament to its original client use and Architectural design intent.

The images above show the existing conditions of the property to be renovated. The diagram below is a representation of the modified elements that transforms the building.